There are nine truck fill stations located throughout the County. These stations utilize electronic keypads for operation. Individuals are required to create a truck fill account with the County to obtain an access number, which, when combined with a personal identification number (PIN), allows access to the fill stations.

Truckfill Locations

Below is a list of truckfill locations and the barrel fill and truckfill camlock sizing for each location.

Apply for Truckfill Account

To obtain a truckfill account, please fill out the Truckfill Application form and submit the form to the County of Northern Lights office via:

  • Mail: Box 10, Manning Alberta T0H 2M0
  • Fax: 780-836-3663
  • Email to Denilda Johnson 
  • Drop off in-person to the County office

Due to processing times, it is important to note that your account may not be created on the same day as your application is submitted.

Truckfill Rates

In efforts to increase cost recovery of water treatment and distribution truck fill have been increased as of November 1, 2023.

Truckfill rates are

  • The first 20 cubic meters: $6.20 per cubic meter
  • Cubic meters over 20: $12.40 per cubic meter