Residential Snowplowing

County residents can sign up for snow removal on residential driveways through the Residential Snowplowing program. You can sign up at any time, however, residents are encouraged to sign up before winter arrives!

Snowplowing fees are $50.00 + GST per service to a maximum of 400 meters. Invoices will be sent monthly, should snowplowing services occur.

Residents who have overdue accounts cannot sign up for snowplow services until all overdue accounts are paid in full.

How do I sign up?

Prior to any snowplowing services occurring, residents must contact the County office at 780-836-3348 and request to sign up for the program. You will need to provide your legal address and rural address, please ensure you have this information prior to contacting the office. If you are a renter, you must have the landowner apply to the program for you.

After you or the landowner have provided the necessary information, a field representative from the County will schedule a time to come and assess your driveway to ensure your driveway is clear of obstructions and equipment can easily access your driveway.

Once the driveway assessment is complete and your driveway is suitable for snowplowing services you will be required to sign a contract and a ‘Snowplow Flag’ with your rural address on it will be issued.

Please note that snowplow services will not commence until your driveway has been inspected, the contract is signed, and a snowplow flag has been issued.

Frequently Asked Questions