Snowplow Flag Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the Snowplow Flag Program:

1. What are the County’s snowplowing priorities? The County’s priorities are as follows:

A. Main Routes

B. Roads to occupied residences and school bus routes.

C. Flagged driveways

D. Field access roads (as requested)


2. I have my sign out and the grader went right by. Why? The top priority after a snowfall is to get a travelling path cleared on the roads. Once County roads have been opened, the graders will go back around and clear driveways. Also, graders will only clear driveways while in the immediate area, and will not make special trips to clear private driveways.


3. My neighbour is snowed in can I let them use my sign? No. The new signs are yours permanently and are billed to your rural address. If you place your sign on another driveway the grader operator will not plow it.


A breakdown of the changes:

  • one time only contract. 
  • permanent sign; you must go out and retrieve your sign after your driveway is cleared.
  • you will be billed MONTHLY only for the number of times your driveway was cleared.