Vegetation Control

Weed / Brush Control

The County operates a seasonal roadside spray program. The program objective is to control roadside weeds and brush. It is the responsibility of those individuals who do not want areas adjacent to their land sprayed, to comply with the following instructions.

  • Contact the County office at 780.836.3348 prior to June 1 in the current year.
  • Individuals must sign a Roadside Vegetation Management Agreement.
  • Individuals are responsible for posting No-Spray signs and clearly outline the area not to be sprayed.
  • Any resident weed control work must be completed by July 31 annually.

Note: Agreements registered with the County must be re-done every 2 years.

Brushing Incentive

The County of Northern Lights establishes an annual budget for brushing. There are specific criteria applicable to the incentive and the County must approve any proposed brushing prior to the commencement proposed incentive work. Compensation for brush removal will not exceed $2000.00/mile or $1000.00 per ½ mile. This is cost-shared 50/50 between the approved applicant and the County. View and Download Application Form

Backslope Incentive

The County of Northern Lights establishes an annual budget for back sloping, available to residents on a first come first served basis. Approved applicants are reimbursed 50% of the cost of the back sloping up to a maximum $2000.00/mile or $1000.00 per ½ mile. View and Download Application Form

Equipment Rental Program

The equipment rental program provides county residents with access to equipment that may not be feasible for individuals to purchase. The County Agricultural equipment rental program is managed through the Agricultural Department at the County Services Building. View and Download Equipment and Rates Information

Drainage Ditches

There are approximately 110 kms of drainage ditches within the County of Northern Lights, constructed to maximize land cultivation. The County will desilt, control weed infestations, mow, remove brush, and repair the drainage channels under the authority of the County when necessary to promote and enhance drainage and prevent the flooding of agricultural lands.

Field Inspections

Under the authority of the Province of Alberta’s Weed Control Act, field inspections are performed annually to identify those fields with above normal infestations of noxious weeds. The objective is to have the owner / renter carry out control measures to prevent the weeds from spreading onto neighboring property and to enhance the productivity of the land.

For information on noxious weeds and prohibited noxious weeds click here.

Roadside Mowing

The County implements a roadside mowing program annually to reduce and remove roadside vegetation. This program increases the visibility of wildlife in proximity to the roadways, prevents snow trapping in the winter, and reduces road maintenance as reduced vegetation allows for quicker surface drying.