Residential Snowplowing Program

Residential Driveway Snowplowing Services Program

If it is operationally effective, private driveways may be plowed during public road plowing. Prior to any work taking place on private land, the applicant must contact the County Office and inform the Public Works Department of their request to have their driveway snowplowed. Please have ready to provide your legal land description, rural address and contact information. A Field Representative will contact you and will come out to do an on-site assessment of your driveway. If the driveway is deemed suitable for snow clearing with a grader, you must sign a contract and be provided with a permanent personalized snow plow sign.

Residents will be billed monthly for any snow plowing conducted. For further details concerning the Residential Driveway Snowplowing Program, please read the Snowplowing Brochure.

For all snow plowing issues, whether concerning County main roads or private driveways, please contact the County Public Works Department at 780-836-3348 or 1.888.525.3481



All major and secondary highways within the County of Northern Lights are under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation.

Public Works strives to maintain good winter driving conditions on main gravel surfaces for County roads by plowing within 72 hours of the last snowfall. Snowplowing priority is as follows:

Snowplowing priority will be as follows:

  1. main routes
  2. roads to occupied residences and school bus routes
  3. flagged driveways

Please note that field access roads will not be maintained during winter.