Manning & Early Childhood Development Coalition

Our Vision: To communicate the importance of early childhood development in our Coalition’s area (Manning, Deadwood, North to Keg River and Paddle Prairie).

Our Mission: All children have the opportunity to reach their full potential in all five Developmental Domains (Emotional Maturity, Physical Health & Wellbeing, Social Competence, Communication Skills & General Knowledge, and Language & Thinking Skills).

Area Served: The coalition serves Manning, Deadwood, and north to Keg River & Paddle Prairie. For a map, please click here.


About Early Childhood Development

The first five years of a child’s life are the most critical period in development and have a lifelong impact on learning, health, work, relationships and well-being. By five years old a child should show age-appropriate knowledge and behaviours in the following five areas of development:

  1. Social Competence
  2. Language & Thinking Skills.
  3. Physical Health & Wellbeing.
  4. Emotional Maturity.
  5. Communication Skills & General Knowledge.


The 5 Developmental Domains


Social Competence

  • Plays and gets along with other children
  • Able to follow rules and instructions
  • Able to follow routines
  • Accepts responsibility for actions
  • Shows respect for others


 Language & Cognitive Development

  • An interest in reading, writing and language-related activities
  • Age-appropriate reading, writing and counting skills
  • Recognition of shapes, sizes and colours
  • Can easily remember things


Emotional Maturity

  • Able to deal with feelings at an age-appropriate level
  • Able to separate from parent/guardian
  • Not too fearful or impulsive
  • Able to focus
  • Ability to communicate needs and wants in socially appropriate ways
  • Ability to tell stories
  • Can say words clearly
  • Age-appropriate knowledge about life and the world
  • Ability to take part in imaginative play


Communication Skills & General Knowledge

  •  Ability to communicate needs and wants in socially appropriate ways
  • Ability to tell stories
  • Can say words clearly
  • Age-appropriate knowledge about life and the world
  • Ability to take part in imaginative play


Physical Health & Wellbeing

  • Fine and gross motor skills (can hold a pen, crayons or brush, can climb stairs, etc.)
  • Independence in looking after own needs
  • Physically prepared for school
  • Able to sustain energy levels throughout the day

 5 Developmental Domains Poster 

5 Developmental Domains and Activities 


Early Development Instrument (EDI)

EDI data is collected using the Early Development Instrument, a tool to assess children’s level of development in their pre-school years. The tool was developed at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University. The EDI questionnaire is completed by their teachers, for children attending kindergarten. The information collected through the EDI supports our understanding of the current state of children’s developmental health and facilitates informed decision-making, locally and provincially, that supports positive change in children’s developmental trajectories. 

2016 Manning & District Report

2014 Manning & District Report 



Current Projects


The Little Bookshelf Project

Early literacy and instilling a love of reading is vital to the development of children. Our Little Bookshelf Project has created 5 bookshelves in our Coalition area that provide books for children ages 0-5. Parents are caregivers are encouraged to pick a book with their child to take home to read. When they are done, they can do it all over again!

Little Bookshelves can be found at:

  1. Manning Elementary School
  2. Rosary School (Manning)
  3. Manning Early Childhood Resource Centre (MES Annex)
  4. Manning Adult Learning & Literacy
  5. Paddle Prairie Brighter Futures (Paddle Prairie)


I Am Growing Up

This book was developed to provide information on the importance of early childhood development as well as promote the various organizations and programs available to families (created in partnership with Northwest Peace Early Childhood Coalition, the Manning & District Early Childhood Development Community Coalition, and the Fairview Clearhills Childhood Development Coalition) For a pdf copy, please click here. I Am LargeDomains for Ages Poster


Early Childhood Fair

Every year, the Manning & District Early Childhood Development Community Coalition that encourages learning and play for children ages 0-5 years. The 2018 Fair will be held on Thursday, April 19th at the Rosary School Gym from 2 - 6 pm.


STEAM Projects

Did you know… By the time your child enters the workforce, 65% of the jobs that will be available do not even exist today?

STEAM encourages children to think about problems through SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART and MATH which will allow them to excel in the new world they will face.

STEAM allows children to:

  • BUILD like an ENGINEER
  • CREATE like an ARTIST


 STEAM Poster




Contact us


Adriana Launchbury, Coalition Coordinator


Phone: 705-350-0319



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