Shelterbelt Program

In addition to adding beauty to farms and acreage, shelterbelts also provide shelter for yards and livestock, create wildlife habitats, conserve soil, provide fruit-bearing trees, and preserve water quality. 

The County of Northern Lights Shelterbelt Program is available for residents who wish to create shelterbelts on their properties. The program opens in early February-March, with seedlings arriving in late May. Details on the program are advertised in the local newspaper, County website and Facebook page.

2024 Shelterbelt Orders

The order deadline for 2024 Shelterbelt Trees is Friday, January 12, 2023. Submit your order form via

Please note that payment is not required until the time of pick-up.

Shelterbelt Planning

Establishing a mature shelterbelt takes time and careful planning; selecting suitable species and ensuring there is enough space for maintenance and for seedlings to reach maturity are just a few things to keep in mind when planning a shelterbelt for your property. 

Thankfully, guides are available to help you plan your shelterbelt before ordering your seedlings! 


For questions about the County's Shelterbelt program, please contact Blake Gaugler, Ag Fieldman, at, or 780-836-3348 ext.225