The County of Northern Lights is located within Alberta’s North Peace Country and supports a population of 3,656 people.

The stanchions of its strong economy – agriculture, forestry, and oil & gas – provide for year-round economic activity – there is no downtime in the County of Northern Lights.

Our residents enjoy both quality and quantity of life. With abundant rural living options, punctuated by smaller community towns and hamlets, a strong sense of community spirit, and over 17 hours of daylight in summer, you can have “more” as a resident in the County of Northern Lights.

County living is not simply a lifestyle. New residents marvel that they are surrounded by nature. Where else can you introduce your children to the magnificence of a moose in the backyard, watch the northern lights dance across the sky with no light pollution or buildings blocking the view, or even create your own walking trails on your property?

Outdoor recreational activities abound in all seasons and the numerous community halls host diverse events throughout the year contributing to the sense of community belonging. The County also benefits from the diverse heritage of its residents who instill a wide-ranging cultural influence within the region.

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