Rain Arrives, Drought Conditions Continue in the County

Public Engagement & Awareness

Mapping from the Canadian Drought Monitor indicates that much of the Peace Region, including the County, is in severe (D2) to extreme (D3) drought conditions. Drought outlook conditions indicate that there is likely no change to drought conditions in the monthly forecast.

Generally, Alberta relies on melting snow and precipitation for most of its water. Droughts are prolonged periods of dry weather that deplete water resources, including:

- natural sources (rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, groundwater)

- constructed storage (reservoirs and dugouts)

- irrigation canals

- soil moisture

Alberta is currently in water shortage management stage 4 (out of 5), where multiple water management areas are impacted by water shortage. Alberta’s government is monitoring conditions and working closely with water users and local governments to help manage and conserve water where possible.

At this time, we are asking residents to make efforts to reduce their water usage. Conservation tips are available on the Government of Alberta website.

Stay up-to-date on drought conditions by visiting the Government of Canada Drought Monitor web page.

Check out the Drought Conditions Outlook by visiting the Government of Canada Drought Outlook Conditions web page.