Changes to Farm-Restricted Class 1 Licensing


Effective April 1, 2024, upon successful completion of a Class 1 knowledge and road test, vision screening, and submission of a driver’s medical assessment, eligible farmers and their immediate family members may apply for a farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence with condition code “P”, indicating they must comply with farmer restrictions. The driver will not be required to complete pre-licensing training.

This Class 1 farm-restricted driver’s licence is valid only when operating vehicles or combinations of vehicles for specified farming purposes. 

  • Farm-restricted Class 1 drivers may also be subject to driver’s licence code restriction “N” which means the holder may not operate vehicles or combinations of vehicles which require a Class 2 or 4 driver’s licence unless that person has completed the required knowledge and road tests as well as completed any other conditions of a Class 2 or 4 driver’s licence.

For more information, see Farm-Restricted Class 1 Driver’s Licence.