Bylaws index

Bylaw Sort descending Bylaw No.Type(s)
2024 Property Tax Bylaw24-14-491Taxation
Borrowing Bylaw23-15-481Finance
Civic Rural Addressing14-32-335Road Transportation
Code of Conduct Bylaw24-11-488Administrative
Community Aggregate Levy Bylaw21-32-453Road Transportation
Council Procedure Bylaw17-11-383Legislative & Council
Disclosure Bylaw10-11-727Legislative & Council
Electoral Boundaries Bylaw13-11-313Legislative & Council
Establishment of a Development Authority and a Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw20-61-450Planning, Zoning & Development
Establishment of a Regional Subdivision and Appeal Board Bylaw 19-61-430Planning, Zoning & Development
Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Bylaw18-63-402Agricultural Services
Invasive Species Bylaw21-63-459Agricultural Services
Land Use Bylaw12-61-290Planning, Zoning & Development
Maximum Speed Limits for Municipal Roads Bylaw22-32-476Road Transportation
Municipal Emergency Management Bylaw14-24-337Emergency Measures and Disaster
Penalties on Unpaid Taxes Bylaw12-14-291Taxation
Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Bylaw09-14-249Taxation
Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw10-13-264Assessment
Schedule of Fees Bylaw23-12-487Finance
Unconsolidated Land Use Bylaw Amendments12-61-290Planning, Zoning & Development