One of the key foundations of any thriving business is access to and from prevalent markets.  While we aren’t on the ocean, our rail, air and road access will get your product to market.

Rail Connections

Trade routes to Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Eastern Canada and the US become accessible through rail service provided by CN Rail. This rail network throughout the County links to the south with a direct route to Edmonton, Hay River and the North West Territories. Currently, resources such as lumber, pulp and grain are being shipped by rail to market.

Air Traffic Network

The Peace River Airport is situated minutes from the Town of Peace River on the South end of the County.  With scheduled air carrier service, offering direct passenger flights between Peace River, Edmonton, and Calgary the world is at your fingertips. Charter services are also available.  

With its primary runway at 5580 feet long and 100 feet wide asphalt, the Manning Municipal Airport is capable to accommodate aircraft in the L382 Hercules or L188 Lockheed Electra category. With both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) the airport can accommodate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week operations. The airport is certified for commercial and private aviation and is currently used as a forestry airbase, for medical evacuation services, crew changes and private charters. 

Highway and Roads

Mackenzie Highway 35 is the principal conduit for traffic within the North Peace County and is the primary trucking supply route to and from the Northwest Territories, and the south.  A network of paved secondary roads makes it easy to get to almost every corner of the County.   To ensure the county links into these roads, the county has over 1900 kilometres of rural roads, and resource roads.