Fish and Wildlife

Poaching is the illegal taking of wildlife or fish and related activities. If you have witnessed suspected poaching activity, call the Report A Poacher (RAP) hotline Toll-Free at 1.800.642.3800

Poachers deplete both the wildlife and fish populations and destroy precious natural habitat. Poaching reduces hunting and fishing opportunities for all Albertans by reducing population numbers. Report A Poacher relies on citizen reports to help apprehend suspects and protect the abundance and diversity of Alberta’s fish, wildlife, and habitat. Please help keep wildlife in our future and report a poacher. You are a poacher if you:

  • Hunt or fish out of season
  • Hunt without a license
  • Road hunt
  • Night hunt
  • Hunt on private land without permission
  • Exceed bag limits
  • Sell wildlife or fish illegally
  • Hunt in manners hazardous to the public: e.g. while intoxicated, too close to occupied buildings or shoot off main highways
  • Use aircraft to spot game and hunt
  • Use illegal hunting/fishing devices or baits