Peace Regional Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The MGA gives municipalities the option of having their own SDAB or entering into an agreement to establish an intermunicipal SDAB. AS of August 1st, 2019, the County is part of an intermunicipal agreement that established the Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to deal with Subdivision and Development Permit Appeals. The other members of the Peace Regional SDAB are:

  • Birch Hills County
  • Clear Hills County
  • MD of Big Lakes
  • MD of Fairview No.136
  • MD of Peace No.135
  • MD of Smoky River No.130
  • MD of Spirit River No.133
  • Northern Sunrise County
  • Saddle Hills County
  • Town of Fairview
  • Town of Grimshaw
  • Town of Manning
  • Town of McLennan
  • Town of Peace River
  • Village of Berwyn
  • Village of Donnelly
  • Village of Girouxville
  • Village of Hines Creek
  • Village of Nampa

Peace Regional SDAB members must make decisions on appeals based on impartial and fair evidence presented to the Board during a hearing. The role of any SDAB member is to participate in the hearing process and to ensure decisions on applications are made in a timely manner. The Board is established by Bylaw of Council with members appointed by the Councils of all municipalities that are part of the agreement.

View the County’s Intermunicipal SDAB Bylaw.


Subdivision and Development Appeals

  1. Subdivisions may be appealed only by the applicant, the municipality, the school boards, and the provincial government. Adjacent property owners are notified of applications when received and are invited to comment.
  2. Anyone who objects to the Development Authority either refusing a development permit to develop or approving an application by another individual to develop may appeal that decision to the Peace Regional SDAB. The appeal must be in writing within 21 days after the date on which the Development Authority’s decision has been given. A fee is charged for lodging an appeal.

View the Peace Regional SDAB Notice of Appeal Form

For further information regarding filing a valid Notice of Appeal please visit the MMSA website.