Alberta Safety Codes Authority Permits

What is the ASCA, and what do they do?

The Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) is a division of the Safety Codes Council. The ASCA oversees permit-related services under the Safety Codes Act in unaccredited municipalities and ensures Albertans living in unaccredited areas receive the same level of service and accountability as those living in accredited areas.

Partnering with accredited agencies, ASCA oversees permitting and inspection services in the Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, and Private Sewage disciplines. ASCA ensures standardized permit fees, consistent turnaround times on plan reviews and permit applications, timely project inspections and follow-ups, standardized and easy-to-follow applications, checklists, and templates.

Who must obtain permits?

The Safety Codes Act requires that contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits before beginning work on buildings and systems covered under the Safety Codes Act. This work typically includes new constructions, installations, alterations, repairs, relocations, changes of use, demolitions, and removals.

Is there a Permit Application Guide?

Yes! If you are a homeowner or contractor seeking construction permits and inspection services in unaccredited municipalities of Alberta, the Safety Codes permit Application package will provide helpful information to assist you with the permit application process.

Where do I purchase a permit?

To find where you can purchase a permit, use the project location tool on the ASCA website.


Read the ASCA FAQ here