Rural Crime Watch and Mapping

Crime Mapping

RCMP Crime Mapping for the County of Northern Lights area is now available for viewing. The Crime Map enables residents to access current and verified information regarding criminal incidents in their area. Equipped with accurate information, Alberta RCMP hopes citizens will use the map to develop sound crime prevention habits for their families and their communities and encourage citizens to report suspicious activities.

How does the Crime Map Work?

  • The RCMP crime map displays reports of criminal incidents as received by the RCMP within the last 14 days.
  • Crime types presented on the map include: theft from motor vehicle, theft of motor vehicle, break and enter, theft over/under $5,000, mischief and missing persons reports.
  • These crime types were selected as information to help develop local crime prevention strategies.
  • In the interest of privacy, the exact location of each crime occurrence is not plotted. Locations are estimated to a nearby road.

Where can I find the Crime Map?

  • You can access the map here.
  • Please note that you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions pop up before you are able to access the map. 

I have information related to a crime, what do I do?

  • You can provide information related to a crime by calling your local RCMP detachment;
    • Grimshaw: 780-332-4666
    • Manning: 780-836-3007
    • Peace River: 780-624-6611
    • or through Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
  • If it is an emergency,  call 911

Where can I find Crime Prevention Tips?


Rural Crime Watch Program

The Rural Crime Watch Program was designed to reduce the incidence of crime in all rural areas and to create a more thorough understanding and awareness of the laws. It is completely voluntary involving all rural residents working in cooperation with their local RCMP detachments.

County of Northern Lights Council is supportive of the Rural Crime Watch Program and will assist in presenting awareness education through its newsletter and social media outlets and by encouraging participation in the program by offering free Rural Crime Watch and No Trespassing signs to all County residents who register for the Rural Crime Program.

The local chapter that County residents will belong to is called the Northern Sunrise RCW. Awareness & Education in the program extends to:

  • Emails on what is happening in the community regarding crime
  • Home Renovation Fraud
  • Cheque Fraud
  •  Employee Theft & Fraud
  •  Mortgage Fraud
  •  Identity Theft & many more topics.

County residents will need to come to the Manning Office to register for the Program and to receive their signs. The County will not mail out signs. To view the program in detail visit: 

In addition to the Rural Watch Crime program, Council has ordered and will have on-site, Guide Light bulbs for residents to purchase at cost. A Guide Light is a dual purpose light bulb which replaces your existing front entrance doorway bulb to alert EMS, First Responders and neighbours when you need help. It may also scare off, startle, or surprise intruders.

The Guide Light:

  • Can change from normal white light to a flashing red emergency light;
  • The flashing red light makes your home easier to find, especially in inclement weather;
  • The flashing red light is accompanied by a siren alerting intruders and neighbours of your emergency situation;
  • Is visible day or night and is a tool to prepare you for the unexpected;
  • Helps EMS/First Responders find your home faster;
  •  Is a Life Saver by bringing help right to your door.

The Guide Light bulb will be available for purchase at the County Office; and because of their fragile nature, they will not be shipped out by mail. A demonstration guide light will be on display in the front lobby, for a quick informational video, please click here!

The first 25 residents will receive 1/2 off the regular price of $40.00

To further support crime prevention in our County, Council would like to inform residents that KEEP YOUR COMMUNITY SAFE (KYCS) GLOBAL INC. has created a Global ifind Bluetooth Identification Device. This 3” square low profile device hides easily in just about anything with wheels (Vehicle, OHV, Boat, RV, Motorcycle) and will help you find your asset when it wanders off on you. When your stolen asset comes within 700 meters of a detection system (User smartphone with Free App, Hub, RCMP, Ambulance) its location gets pinged and reported back to you via the KYCS App.

Also, Base Hub’s are set-up and located across the Peace Region. Become part of the Community Watch Network and purchase your Identification device at Patricia Ford in Manning. For further information on how this system can safeguard your assets visit: stop by Patricia Ford.

Three great ways do your part in protecting your community and staying safe:

  • Rural Crime Watch Program
  • Guide Light
  • KYCS Global iFind Bluetooth ID Device


Lightcatch App

The free Lightcatch app allows users to alert nearby members to a crime via text, photos, and video. Witnesses can provide updates that show up on a map in real-time and alert other users in the area. Watch the informational video here on how to use the app.