Hometown Proud Program

Heading off to college or technical training for your apprenticeship? Check out the Hometown Proud program! 

What is the Hometown Proud Program?

Well, we know that heading off to college is not only exciting, but it can also be a tad stressful navigating this next stage in your life. Enter the Hometown Proud Program. This a small way that we, your hometown community, can offer support during your post-secondary studies. When you sign up, we will connect you to upcoming bursaries, scholarships, summer job opportunities, student resources/tips, throw in some humour to lift spirits, the occasional little pick-me-ups (hello, gift cards during finals!), and more.

Students who are residents of the County of Northern Lights or Town of Manning can sign up for Hometown Proud at any time they are pursuing post-secondary studies, including graduating from high school in the current year, halfway through college, or mature students heading back to school. We’re here for you, at any stage!  You’re never too old to learn!


What happens when I graduate from college/uni?

Well, we celebrate of course! When you finish up your studies, we send you a little token of celebration for all that hard work and we wave goodbye as you enter the next chapter of your life, and you never have to see us again…. unless you want to! Perhaps you want to start your own business and are looking for guidance or want to find a mentor/advisor, you want help on marketing your side-hustle/new business. Just reach out to us and we will continue to help you in any way we can!


The Nitty Gritty:

Open to residents of the County of Northern Lights and the Town of Manning that are enrolled/enrolling, in post-secondary education, continuing education, or apprenticeship/ technical training. The information you provide when you sign up guides us on what information to send and when to send it, like bursaries and scholarships specific to your area of studies. We do not share your information with anyone else. 

If you find that the program really isn’t for you, you can opt-out at any time. No hard feelings. You can reach out to the coordinator at any time if you have ideas on how to improve the program, are struggling to find scholarships that you can apply for, etc.


Sign up before the end of June and be entered to win a Hometown Proud hoodie! Sign up online here.

Hometown Proud Coordinator:

Trinidy Schmidt

Community Services, County of Northern Lights


780-836-3348 ext. 238


County of Northern Lights Bursary

The County of Northern Lights, in partnership with the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC), offers two bursaries of $1500 each annually to students who reside in the County. The successful candidates of the County Program are eligible for matching funds from the NADC Bursary Partnership Program. Considerations in determining successful candidates include academic standing, financial need, and references. Download County Application and Guidelines 

Application Deadline: July 17, 2023

For the NADC Bursary Partnership application, please click here.