County Bylaws and Policies


ASB Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Bylaw 18-63-402

Borrowing Bylaw (for the financing of the arbitration award) 23-15-481

Community Aggregate Payment Levy 21-32-453

Council Procedure Bylaw 17-11-383

Civic Rural Addressing 14-32-335

Disclosure Bylaw 10-11-272

Electoral Boundaries 13-11-313

Emergency Management Bylaw 23-24-486

Establishment of a Regional Subdivision and Appeal Board 19-61-430

Establishment of a Development Authority and a Municipal Planning Commission 20-61-450

Invasive Species Bylaw 21-63-459

Oil Well Drilling Tax Bylaw 15-14-344

Penalties on Unpaid Taxes 12-14-291

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Bylaw 09-14-249

2018 Property Tax Bylaw 18-14-394

2019 Property Tax Bylaw 19-14-426

2020 Property Tax Bylaw 20-14-438

2021 Property Tax Bylaw 21-14-454

2022 Property Tax Bylaw 22-14-471

2023 Property Tax Bylaw 23-14-484

Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw 10-13-264

Schedule of Fees Bylaw No. 23-12-487

Water and Sewer Bylaw 19-40-435

Land Use Bylaw

Maximum Speed Limits for Municipal Roads Bylaw 22-32-476


Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF)

The County of Northern Lights has Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICF's) with the following Municipalities:

Town of Manning, Mackenzie County, Clear Hills County, MD of Peace No. 135 and the Town of Peace River.



Approach and Access Road Construction Policy

Beaver Control Policy (revised, changes effective March 01st, 2021)

Business Registration Policy

Cemetery Funding Policy

Club Root Canola Policy

Council Advocacy Policy

Council Grant Policy

Council Donations Policy

County Website & Social Media Policy

Commencement of Contract Equipment

Contract Grader Beat Policy

Dust Control Policy

Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Policy

Gravel Hauling Policy 

Level of Service Road Classification Policy

Problem Wildlife Policy  (revised, changes effective April 1st, 2021)

Procurement of Goods and Services Policy

Public Participation and Engagement Policy

Recreation & Cultural Funding Policy

Road Bans Policy

Seed Viability Policy

Snowplowing of Public/Private Roadways Policy

Water Policy

Work in Undeveloped Road Allowances