Strategic Plan

The Council for the County of Northern Lights recently met to review their Strategic Plan for 2024 and Beyond to provide an updated plan going forward.

 We are pleased to provide this status of goals to our residents.

  • Explore technological options to assist with determining problem areas on road infrastructure – public works has developed methods internally to track these issues.
  • Explore Solutions to current and potential drainage issues – Council has been lobbying the provincial government with respect to solutions to drainage issues.
  • Undertake rehabilitation of Dixonville roads – Paving of the main roads in the Hamlet is underway and will be completed before the end of October 2023
  • Council updated their Advocacy Policy and will continue to advocate for Provincial and Federal policies that impact Northern Alberta and improve the local economy, including an assessment of available agricultural lands to ensure that lands are not frozen by provincial Land Use Planning policies.
  • Council continues to provide support to our local health care providers in whatever way we can, understanding that health care is a provincial responsibility.


For more information on the Council’s Strategic Plan, contact the Reeve at