County Business License

Did you know that the County offers a free and voluntary business registration program? Although it's not required, registering your business is highly recommended, especially if you plan on applying for other municipal, provincial, or federal programs that may require a municipal license. Here are some of the benefits of registering your business:

  • free listing in the County's online business directory

  • eligible for small business award nominations

  • access to the Business Spotlight program

  • help track our community's economic development and contribute to economic diversification

  • work with the Planning Department to ensure that your business meets zoning and building codes

Before You Apply

Before registering, it's important to ensure that your business operations are permitted at your desired location. You can contact the County's Planning and Development department to determine if you need to apply for a development permit.

Note: a business license won't be issued until the proper permit is obtained.

Join our thriving business community today and register your business using our online form – it's quick, easy, and free!

Please note that once approved, it may take up to 12 business days for your license to be issued.

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Business Changes & Updates

As your business evolves, you may change business ownership, name, contact/mailing address, or perhaps closure, you can update your information by contacting the County’s Economic Development department or by filling out the online business update form. There are no fees to update your business license information.

If the change is to your business location or type of operations, a development permit may be required. Prior to moving your business or changing operations, please contact the County’s Planning and Development department to determine if your intended change in location or operations is permitted. A business license will not be issued or updated until the proper permit is obtained.

BizPal Online Government Licensing

BizPaL is an online service that simplifies the process of identifying government permits and licences required for businesses. It's free, saves time, and available 24/7. Simply select a location and industry, filter permits based on business activities, and BizPaL generates a list of permits and licences with basic supporting information. While BizPaL ensures accuracy, it's still your responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and licences before starting or expanding your business.

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