Economic Development

Rural Entrepreneurial Spirit

Welcome to the County of Northern Lights – where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives against the backdrop of vast landscapes, echoing the resilience and innovation of our rural community.

In this haven of opportunity, we invite you to discover a place where business meets the beauty of untamed nature, and success is woven into the fabric of our pioneering spirit.

Rural Renewal Stream

The County of Northern Lights, together with the Town of Manning, has been accepted as a designated community under the Provincial Rural Renewal Immigration stream.

The Rural Renewal Stream supports the attraction and retention of newcomers to rural Alberta through a community-driven approach that supports local economic development needs and contributes to the growth of the community. The Rural Renewal Stream empowers rural communities to recruit and retain foreign nationals to live, work and settle in their communities.

Newcomers interested in settling and working in the County or Town of Manning can sign up through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program portal on the Government of Alberta website.

More info on the Rural Renewal Stream is available on the Government of Alberta website.

To view active job postings in the region that may qualify for the program, please visit the Manning & District Chamber of Commerce Job Board.