Mighty Peace Tourism

Since 1963, Mighty Peace Tourism has been the DMO (Destination Management Organization) responsible for promoting tourism in the Mighty Peace Region. 

What is the Mighty Peace Region? 

The Mighty Peace Region is located in northwestern Alberta is defined by the beautiful river for which it is named. Flowing through two provinces (Alberta and British Columbia) and 1300 km of pristine wilderness, the Peace River is more than just a water source—it is the bond that connects past to present, the people to the land, and our diverse communities to each other. It was a source of sustenance and transportation for the Beaver and Cree nations and the early Europeans, and still provides water for our communities and recreational opportunities like fishing, jet boating, and canoeing for many travellers today. Come see what the Mighty Peace Region has to offer!

The County of Northern Lights is a proud member of the Mighty Peace Tourism Association. 

Check out their website, MPT partners, and more tourism info at www.mightypeace.com