Snowplow Flag Program

The County offers a driveway snowplowing program to its resident at a nominat cost. See below for the frequently asked questions.

  1. What is the cost for snowplowing my driveway? The cost is $30+GST for County residents, with a rate for seniors of $10+GST. This cost is to plow your driveway once, to a maximum distance of 400 meters. If you require further distance a second plowing flag can be put out. There is a maximum of 800 meters for any plowing on private land.
  2. How do I request my driveway to be plowed? You must purchase a plow flag before it snows. It’s all about being prepared. Then when you want your driveway plowed, place the flag at the end of your driveway where the grader operator can easily see it. When the grader operator is done, he will pick up the flag to return to the County office. If you live off of a normal grader route, such as on a secondary or primary highway, then there is a good chance the County employees may not see your flag. In this case you should phone the County Office.
  3. Can I make requests of the grader operator directly? No. The County staff is out there working as a team. It is important that we know what and where our equipment is working. There may be changes in operators that could affect any special arrangements. It is very important to use the lead hand in your area.
  4. Does the County plow all of the roads? No. The County will only plow roads which people use on a consistent basis through the winter. If you should require a road that is not normally plowed, then contact the County Office to arrange for this. It should be noted that the grader will only provide this service when in the immediate area.
  5. I’m snowed in. I put out a flag and the grader went right by? Why?The top priority after a major snow fall is to get a travelling path cleared on the roads. Once the County has the roads open, they will get back around to clear driveways. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must set our priorities and stick to them. Also, the graders will only clear driveways, while in the immediate area, and will not make special trips to clear driveways.
  6. What happens if the grader damages something on my property? Before it snows is the time to remove any items which the grader may damage. Driveway markers and ornaments should be removed. Please realize a grader is a very wide and long piece of equipment and needs plenty of room to manoeuvre. If the grader operator cannot see something in the snow, he cannot avoid hitting it. When you purchase your flag you sign an agreement, which says you will not hold the County liable for damage. The operators have the right to refuse to clear any areas where they believe there may be a hazard to themselves or property.
  7. It snowed 3 inches and the graders are not out! Why? When to put out the graders is a judgement call, but the County policy is to commence plowing when there is between 7.5 and 10 cm of snow (3 ½ to 4 inches). This is because our gravel roads require ice to form, so that when the graders plow they do not put all the gravel in the ditch. Once we have obtained this ice pack, the County can start responding sooner. The County spends roughly ¾ of a million dollars per year on gravel, so we can not afford to blade it off with the snow.
  8. What are the snowplowing priorities? Priorities are as follows: A) School bus routes and occupied residences,B) Flagged Driveways, C) Field access roads (as requested)


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