Grant Funding

The County of Northern Lights Council believes in providing and contributing to improvements in the accessibility and availability of recreational and cultural programs, services, and facilities essential for enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

One of the ways the County supports recreation and culture is by providing funding support through grant programs. Such as;

  1. Recreation Boards 
  2. Council Grants and Donations
  3. Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) Grant
  4. Cemetery Funding
  5. Hall Funding
  6. Library Funding


Recreation Boards

Under the Recreation and Culture Funding policy, the County of Northern Lights provides funds directly to two (2) Recreation Boards (North Recreation Board and South Recreation Board) to disburse funds to groups operating within the County and the support communities of Grimshaw, Manning, and Peace River.

Groups and organizations may apply for funds up to $10,000. Eligible expenses include program and event funding, advertising, and capital assistance. 

Applications for funds through a County Recreation Board are made directly to the Recreation Board, as outlined in the 'Requests Made to Recreation Board for Funding Guide and Application Form'.

Applicants may only apply to the Recreation Board in which they operate, as outlined in the application guide and the Recreation and Culture Funding Policy.

Recreation Boards accept applications continually throughout the year. However, please submit applications at least 2 weeks before funds are needed for your event, program, or project to allow the Recreation Boards' time to review applications.

Full details on how funds are disbursed to the Recreation Boards and other related information can be found in the Recreation and Culture Policy.


Council Grants and Donations

Annually, Council makes funds available for Council Grants and Donations. The Council Grant Policy and the Council Donation Policy outline funding parameters for each. 


Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) Grant

The CCAP Grant provides capital funding for major projects that involve purchasing, construction, upgrading or significant renovation of recreational and cultural facilities within the County and its support communities between $10,000 – the annual program limit. Council sets the total funds available per year during annual budget deliberations.

The program opens in early spring, with the application deadline being the last Friday in April. Funding details for the CCAP can be found in the Recreation and Culture Policy.


Cemetery Funding

The County provides funds of $1,000.00 per year to cemeteries located in the County. The funds are used to assist with the maintenance of cemeteries. Cemetery funding applications are due once per year (end of June) and fall under the Cemetery Funding Policy.


Hall Funding

Hall funding is intended to aid with operational expenses for hall boards operating within the County of Northern Lights and the Battle River Ag Hall. Funding is based on a percentage of actual operating expenses. Applications are accepted annually throughout the year.

Application details and a form can be found in the Recreation and Culture Funding Policy.


Library Funding

This funding is intended to provide operational funding to libraries within the County and its support communities. Funding is based on a per-household basis. The per-household rate is set out by Council during budget deliberation and is part of the County’s Municipal Services Agreements. 


County of Northern Lights Funding Stream Quiz

There is a handy sorting quiz that organizations can use to see which County grant program they may be eligible to apply for. 


Grant List

Check out a list of grants available from the Provincial government, Federal government, and public and private businesses/organizations! Our Community Services Coordinator compiles the list and includes grants with ongoing intakes and upcoming deadlines. Check back frequently as the list is updated. View the grant list here. 

You can also sign up for notifications when the grant list is updated or new grants are launched here!