Fire Bans and Advisories

Current Provincial Fire Bans & Advisories

No advisories or bans are currently in place. However, conditions can change and as such advisories and bans can be put in place at any time. Please visit the Alberta Wildfire website, or download the app, to get the most current information.

 The current wildfire hazard is VERY HIGH.
Never leave a campfire unattended. Soak it, stir it, and soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished. 


Please remember: 

  • Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) can start wildfires.  Please stop often to clean your exhaust and always ensure your OHV is clean and properly maintained.
  • If you plan on having a campfire, keep it small, safe and always attended.  Prior to leaving your site or turning in for the evening, please ensure that your campfire has been fully extinguished. Soak it, stir it, and soak it again to ensure it is out. 
  • If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE 


For up-to-date information on fire bans within the Forest Protection Area, visit: or download the app.


Current Fire Bans and Advisories in the County of Northern Lights (outside the FPA)

None at this time. Please remember to use safe burning practices. 


Smoke Forecast

Track smoke conditions from wildfires on the Smoke Forecast website.


 Updated October 19, 2022