Weberville Park Space Study

The County of Northern Lights, along with Invistec Consulting Ltd., is preparing a park space study. The study is intended to investigate the feasibility, desires of the residents, and potentially suitable locations and programming. The desire for a new park space was previously identified through the Weberville Road Study, Recreation Master Plan, Visioning Survey, and to the significant growth in the area.

 The outcome of the study is to determine the feasibility and desire of a new park space in Weberville and provide Council with a recommendation. Conducting the study does not mean a new park space will be necessarily developed.









Project Updates

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Phase 3 Locating and Designing


Please join us for an Open House on potential programming and locations for the park site on July 26th , 2018 at the Weberville Community Hall. The hall is located at the junction of Highway 743 and Township Road 850 (twelve miles east and two miles south of Highway 35 and Highway 986 junction, or eight miles north of Highway 2 / Highway 743 junction). The open house will have a drop-in format any time between 6:00-8:00pm.


If you are unable to attend the event, please complete the following survey to provide your feedback.


Download the Park Option Boards.

Complete the Open House Survey.

Phase 2 Community Workshop

On June 11, 2018, a community workshop was held at the Weberville Community Hall. The purpose of the workshop was to identify values important to the community, obtain local knowledge, and understand the desires of the community in terms of recreation and open spaces. This phase provided insight on the community’s interests, concerns, and desires for recreational spaces.


Download the What We Heard Report – Phase I.



Phase 1 Project Initiation

Between May and June 2018, the County and Invistec sent pre-engagement surveys and invitations to our community workshop to area landowners and residents. The project team also reached out to stakeholders in the area to introduce the project to them. This phase was intended to provide the Project Team background information on the region, introduce the project to residents and stakeholders, and to determine the best way to engage residents and stakeholders.

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