Warrensville & Weberville Truck-Fills Now Open!

The County of Northern Lights is excited to announce that the Warrensville and Weberville Truck-Fill Stations are now open! It is important to note that during the initial phase of operations truck-fill stations may go offline. Should one of the Truck-fill stations go offline, please refer to the County’s website and Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. If you observe any problems at the truck-fill stations, please contact the County office at 780-836-3348.

Residents in the Warrensville and Weberville areas wishing to access potable water can open a truck-fill account. Application forms for truck-fill accounts can be found here or at the County office. 

Truck-fill accounts are invoiced monthly. The cost of water is $4.40 per cubic meter, up to 20 cubic meters. Usage over 20 cubic meters will be charged at $7.46 per cubic meter. 

Questions? Call Chelsea Reinders, Utilities/Accounts Receivable at  780-836-3348, or 1-888-525-3481, or email reindersc@countyofnorthernlights.com 

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