Tax Forfeiture Property Sale

The County of Northern Lights has the following property listed for sale:

  1. #14 3 Ave S Dixonville, AB
    1. Property is located directly North of Ball diamonds, hall and curling rink within the Hamlet of Dixonville.
    2. 7,500 sq ft in size
    3. Full services (power, water, sewer) are available on the lot.
    4. Existing structures must be removed
    5. Zoned as ‘Hamlet’. For Hamlet Development zoning information, please refer to the County of Northern Lights Land Use Bylaw.
    6. Detailed informational sheet & photos available here.


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For pictures and more information please contact Denilda Johnson, Tax and Assessment Clerk or Josh Hunter, Director of Finance at 780.836.4438 toll-free at 1.888.525.3481 

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