Spring Road Conditions

Please be aware that County roads are too soft for graders to work, without causing more damage. The snowfall and 10-degree weather forecast will cause for extremely wet and soft roads.  A 75% roads bans will be in place across the County and all truck traffic is encouraged to hold off until the roads become drier. Please drive with caution as road hazards may be unmarked.

County staff has been busy preparing for the spring melt to the best of its abilities. Work has been done to open normally problematic ditches and culverts in advance of the runoff.  The County will have steaming crews available to respond to frozen culverts as the runoff progresses.  Please contact the office at 780-836-3348 with any concerns.  Outside of office hours on call staff can be reached at phone numbers found on the county website at www.countyofnorthernlights.com or listed on the County Office answering machine.

Did You Know