Small Business Week 2020 Tips

#1 Update your business profile on Google and your Facebook page and keep it updated.

If you haven’t already, update your business info and hours on your Google business profile, learn how and more here.

The same goes for Facebook. Customers often take to social media pages to see if you are open to the public, running reduced hours, what your entry requirements are, etc. Keep that info easily available on your Facebook page via the About Us section or through a pinned post or posting a COVID-19 update. Learn how to update your business info on your Facebook page here.


#2 Focus on customers versus the competition

A lot of people focus on their competition instead of how to add value to their own customers. It’s customer service that differentiates small business from big business. We have the ability to adapt quickly and change what we're offering to meet the needs of customers more readily. Now is the time to dig deeper into your business - look at what has worked well for you in the past and what you can do more of to add value for clients. This could be through rewards programs, discounts, flexible future bookings, virtual sessions, or even starting an e-newsletter. Think about what you can do now to retain your clients so that once things get moving again you are the first they think of.  From May 2020 


#3 Measure your online performance

With businesses having moved into the digital and social media realm, it’s important to know how your social media promotions are performing and reaching your customers. Look at your Insights on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to see which of your posts are performing well and getting the most engagement. Learn more about Facebook and Instagram Insights here.


#4 Know what supports are available to you

Visit The Government of Canada Innovation website portal to take a short questionnaire to see what programs and resources are available for your business.


#5 Utilize webinars and training

Don’t let social media, website creation, marketing, etc. intimidate you. There are plenty of free and paid webinars out there to help you learn and grow your skills. Find a list of organizations offering webinars on the County of Northern Lights COVID Supports and Info for Business page.




Did You Know