Shelterbelt Program

Looking for some trees for the shelterbelt you have always dreamed of? The County has a program for that! The County’s Shelterbelt Program is in full swing. Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 15th.

Shelterbelt trees and shrubs varieties include:

  • White Spruce
  • Lodgepole
  • Blue Pine
  • Hybrid Blue/White
  • Lilac
  • Siberian Larch
  • Manitoba Maple
  • Golden Willow
  • Northwest Poplar
  • Buffaloberry
  • Green Ash

Seedlings will be available in bundles. Planting restrictions and considerations are noted on the order form Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 19th*. For the order form CLICK HERE

For further information on the Shelterbelt Program, contact Agricultural Fieldman, Blake Gaugler at 780.836.3348 or 1.888.525.3481 or


*Please note the 2019 County indicated an incorrect deadline of March 29th. 

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