Reeve Terry Ungarian: Message for 2022

I would like to reflect back on the year and briefly touch on the challenges and achievements that we had. 

With the ongoing global pandemic still gripping much of the world, there were many events, conferences, meetings and social gatherings still being cancelled or held with restrictions.  The virtual way of conducting business has become more common and, although it does have many drawbacks, it does allow an alternative.  A year ago we were all hoping to put covid behind us and return to a normal life but sadly the same wish still stands at the end of this year.

Council was kept busy throughout the year with many files to work on and I would like to highlight just a few.   Inter-municipal collaboration, unpaid taxes, safety concerns with BC Hydro, agricultural issues, road classification, healthcare support and ongoing drainage concerns are just a few of the things council and administration dealt with.  We will continue our advocacy efforts with all higher levels of government and keep up our relationships and make sure our region isn’t forgotten. 

The County of Northern Lights has an excellent administration team and they are fortunate to have skilled staff in all departments.  They are dedicated in what they do on a daily basis and I want to thank each one of them for keeping the municipality running as smoothly as possible. 

This year also saw municipal elections held throughout the province and our County council now has 3 new members and 4 returning members.  We have a good representation in all wards and I look forward to working with this well balanced council.

On behalf of council, we look forward to getting through any challenges that lie ahead and making the County of Northern Lights the choice to reside in.


Reeve Terry Ungarian

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