Press Release: Sunny Valley Bridge Width & Speed Restrictions

February 28th, 2017



On February 27th at 4:00 pm the County of Northern Lights was notified by AECOM, an engineering bridge consultant hired by Alberta Transportation, that the Sunny Valley Bridge is in poor structural condition and has been down graded to a level 2 rating out of 9.  Width and speed restrictions will be put in place effective immediately.

The bridge was constructed in 2007 and the typical life span of newer bridges such as this are expected to be 70 to 80 years before requiring major work. The County has been in contact with Alberta Transportation, and the problem is related to the light weight aggregates used in the construction of the concrete girders in 2007.  Alberta Transportation advises that there are 35 to 40 bridges in the province affected by this problem.  The County of Northern Lights will continue to work with Alberta Transportation and other Municipalities on a resolution and funding alternatives for the necessary repairs.

Until such time that repairs can be made, the County must reduce the speed and limit the width of the Bridge located on the Sunny Valley Road.  The width reduction is necessary because it is the outside girders that are in poor structural condition, affecting the strength of the bridge, and traffic must be limited to the center of the bridge.

The County of Northern Lights would like to ask the public to be patient, as we try to determine repair methods and funding sources. The length of time the bridge will have width and speed restrictions is estimated to be a year or more.

For More Information, please contact:


Trent McLaughlin

Director of Public Works

County of Northern Lights


Telephone: (780) 836-3348


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