Planning & Development Department Service Changes

In order to prepare for an upcoming retirement, the County of Northern Lights is looking at a new method of providing planning and development services.

Anyone wishing to obtain a development permit, subdivide lands, or obtain general information on the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan, are asked to call the office and talk to Gloria or book an appointment.  A representative of ISL Engineering and Land Services will be in the County office for 2 days each month during November (23/24) and December (7/8).

Residents are also advised that they can reach ISL directly for information at any time at 1-833-260-7201.  If required, the County office can provide access to virtual meetings, telephone conference calls, or face to face meetings.

Your cooperation and support during this time of change at the County office is appreciated.   Should you wish to book an appointment for planning and development, or have development questions, please contact the office at 780 836-3348 and speak to Gloria. 

Thank you.





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