New County Website to Launch February 2024

Get ready to experience a new and improved County of Northern Lights website! In the coming months, we're hitting the refresh button to bring you a sleek, mobile-friendly website that's sure to knock your socks off. Plus, we're merging the Explore County of Northern Lights website for an even smoother browsing experience. 

Although the Explore website will be offline after the launch, don't worry! Our Explore social media accounts will continue to keep you in the loop.

We're aiming to launch the new website in early February 2024, and while we're doing our best to make it seamless, there may be a bump or two along the way. 

Stay tuned for the official launch announcement, which we'll be posting on our Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) accounts, as well as in local newspapers. 

Thanks for your patience as we make this exciting transition!

Did You Know