Members needed for Grimshaw Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Committee

The Grimshaw Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Committee is seeking enthusiastic individuals to fill 2-member at large volunteer positions on our committee, assisting our rural communities in achieving greater access to healthcare.

The committee’s purpose is to build a sustainable system for attraction and retention of physicians and other healthcare professionals in the Grimshaw region. This committee is a partnership between the Town of Grimshaw, the County of Northern Lights, the Village of Berwyn and the Municipal District of Peace. Member at large candidates would be expected to reside in of one of these municipalities, and in the County of Northern Lights residents must reside in Ward 1 (Weberville), Ward 2 (Warrensville/Chinook Valley) or Ward 3 (Dixonville). Meetings are usually held once monthly with no meetings scheduled for July and August.

If you are interested in being a part of our committee and being actively involved in the attraction and retention of healthcare professionals to serve the people of our region, we invite you to submit an application today.

Deadline to submit applications is January 20, 2020.

County of Northern Lights applicants wishing to receive an application form and further details are asked to contact call Theresa Van Oort CAO County of Northern Lights at 780-836-3348.

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