Level of Service Road Classification Project

A draft Level of Service Road Classification Policy is now available for a 2 week period for residents to provide comments. You can view the draft policy here. 

The draft policy will be available for review/comment until midnight of Monday, August 2nd, 2021  Questions, comments, and feedback can be addressed in an email to Derek Macdonald at: isl@countyofnorthernlights.com or you can call Derek at 1.833.260.7201


Please note: that as you review the draft policy, the level of service classifications divide County Roads into different classes and then sets service level targets for each of the roads. In some instances, residents may experience less service on Field Access Roads than they do currently, but they may see an increase of service on some of the County’s main roads. Another potential change resulting in this targeted level of service is that the draft policy may limit development on Field Access Roads to restrict future budget increases.


Again, Council would like to thank all that participated in the development of the draft policy. Comments from the survey were brought forward at the Level of Service Workshop administration held for Council. 


Updated July 15th, 2021



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