County Declares Agricultural Disaster


At the Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 Council Meeting, the County of Northern Lights Agricultural Fieldman spoke to Council in regards to the extreme weather conditions of the 2020 season and the previous 2019 season. As a result of this discussion, Council made a motion to declare an Agriculture Disaster within the County of Northern Lights. 

Our producers are experiencing harsher than average agricultural conditions. Our area has seen unprecedented rainfall as of late. These difficult conditions are compounded by the horrific year experienced in 2019 due to excessive late summer and fall moisture. Economic hardship fell on many producers as they struggled to make ends meet resulting from lower yields, poor quality, lack of feed and damaged fields for the next year stated Blake Gaugler, Agricultural Fieldman. 

As most producers looked optimistically to a better 2020, they were met with wet, rough field conditions as they struggled to harvest last year’s crop and seed this year’s crop. Producers are finding themselves in a familiar spot as last year; drowned out crops, fields too wet to access, and the endless feeling of despair.  The County is currently facing challenges brought on by excessive moisture, but the agriculture industry is also facing adversity.   Adversities such as the current pandemic, trade wars, poor relationships with our largest buyers resulting in poor commodity prices, rising costs of production, poor risk management solutions and a lack of meaningful action at the provincial and federal levels are all compounding the back to back hardships our producers are facing. 

The County has requested the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry to work with the Federal government and review Business Risk Management Programs and assess our industry for additional support.




For more information, please contact:

 Terry Ungarian, Reeve

County of Northern Lights

Cell: 780.836.5264                               


Tuesday, July 14th, 2020


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