Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) Grant Applications Now Open.

The County of Northern Lights is now accepting applications for the Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP). The Grant is to provide financial assistance to recreation and/or cultural groups that require funding to construct, renovate or upgrade new/existing capital facilities and/or structures. 

Not-For-Profit Projects within the County of Northern Lights with a minimum total project cost of $10,000 are encouraged to apply.  The total funding available is $100,000.  Up to 25% will be available for the surrounding communities: Manning, Peace River, and Grimshaw. All applications are subject to approval. 


The application deadline is April 30th, 2020.


Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) Guidelines:

  • The County of Northern Lights does not provide support for business events and conferences or any other events and/or activities that are determined to be commercial in nature.
  • Only applicants with not-for-profit status are eligible to apply for support, and Council reserves the right to request specific information regarding any group, individual, or organization making application. This information will generally be requested as part of the application process and may involve a request for information on an entity’s status, organizational structure, officers, constitution, or any other information deemed necessary to evaluate a request for support.
  • Requests for support may be for events, activities, and projects that are undertaken within the County of Northern Lights boundaries or its support communities of Manning, Grimshaw and Peace River.
  • Any support extended will be considered sponsorship, and as such, the County of Northern Lights will receive recognition and benefit extended to any sponsor.
  • Approval of applications is subject to the budgeted funds available in any given year and therefore the application process is competitive.
  • This section is not exhaustive, but provides the general rules for funding, and the County of Northern Lights and its Council reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.


 Application Process – Capital Funding Program.

  • Council, through the annual budget process, will identify an amount that will be made available under the Community Capital Assistance Program.
  • Applications for the Community Capital Assistance Program will be accepted once per year in April. The application process will be publicly advertised for a minimum of one month prior to the closing date for applications.
  • Applications will be made by way of the Request for Support Application form, attached as Schedule C and forming part of this policy.
  • A completed application package should contain, but is not limited to:
    1. Completed request for support (Schedule C)
    2. A detailed description of the project including the reason for the request
    3. Confirmation of not-for-profit status including a list of officers/directors
    4. Copy of the most recent financial statement
    5. Copy of valid liability and property insurance vi. Proof of external supplementary funding, if any (grants, donations etc.)
  • Submitted applications will be evaluated by the Manager, Economic Development and Community Services to ensure eligibility. Eligible applications and a recommendation will be forwarded to Council for a decision as to whether support will be approved or denied.
  • Applicants may be required to attend a council meeting to respond to any questions regarding their application.
  • In determining the amount of support, Council will consider:
    1. Fundraising efforts made by the applicant;
    2. Total budgeted cost of the project;
    3. The Applicant’s contribution to the event by way of volunteer activities, in-kind contributions, and financial contributions;
    4. Previous assistance provided to the applicant;
    5. The benefit to the community overall, and the significance of the project;
    6. The marketing value and opportunity offered to the County in exchange for its support.


  • Applicants that are approved for funding will be required to sign a funding agreement.
  • Costs incurred prior to project approval will not be considered eligible costs.
  • To be eligible for consideration under the current years Capital Assistance Funding Program, any CCAP project funds receiving from the previous year must be completed and reported on in a satisfactory manner.
  • While using the CCAP grants to leverage additional grant funding is acceptable, the project must be completed within the allotted timeframe. If the project is not completed in the agreed upon timeframe the grant funding will be repaid in full to the County.
  • A follow-up report, that details the accomplishments and includes an accounting of revenues and expenditures, shall be submitted to the County within 60 days after project completion.

Questions about the CCAP? Please contact:

Trinidy Schmidt  or Josh Hunter

Or call the County office at 780.836.3348 or 1-888-525-3481 

Get an application form here.







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