Assessment Model Review - Oil & Gas

The County of Northern Lights was informed on July 24,2020 of the potential results of a review of the Oil & Gas regulated assessment model conducted by the Provincial Government and Industry Partners. 

The proposed results of this review are significantly problematic for the County and for you, its residents. 

Revenue Impact

If this loss was realised, the County would have to pursue one of, or a combination of the following;

   1. Increased taxes from other sources (Residential, other businesses, Farmland, etc.) through

       Mill-Rate increases

   2. Expense reduction through service cuts, program cuts, and resulting staff reduction. 




This Proposal was intended to increase Alberta's Competetive advantage within our Oil & Gas Sector. However, it has been indicated that only a few of the largest corporations will truly realize cost savings. Additionally, There are no suggested requirements requiring the savings to be re-invested in our Municipality or even our Province. 


We do not want this to happen! Council, together with other elected officials and through our common voice in the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) we have and will continue to project our displeasure with this proposal. As citizens who we will be impacted we are asking you to do the same. If you are against tax increases and cuts to Municipal services, please voice your concerns to your MLA.


MLA Dan Williams – Phone:  780.928.5100 or email:


Should you wish to speak with someone from Administration regarding this issue, please contact Josh Hunter, Director of Finance at 780-836-3348 or by email at


Did You Know