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TC Energy Flaring Notification

TC Energy will be performing flaring operations on January 21-28th. For more information, please see posters below:
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2020 Shelterbelt Program

Looking for some trees for the shelterbelt you have always dreamed of? The County has a program for that! The County’s Shelterbelt Program is in full swing. Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 20th.Seedlings will be available in bundles. Planting restrictions and considerations are noted on the order form Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 20th. For the order form CLICK HERE
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County Snowplow Program

A reminder for residents that signed up last year for the residential snowplowing program to please remove the sign-post from view. Sign-posts are not to be permanently nailed up. Only set the sign-post out when you require your driveway to be plowed.  Once plowed, immediately remove sign. If you do not remove your sign-post, your driveway will be plowed again and you will be responsible to pay the invoice upon receipt. 
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CN in Our Communities

Did you know CN Rail has a Public Inquiry Line (PIL) and CN Police? The PIL is for non-emergent concerns, such as general property maintenance, noise, etc. CN Police staff answer emergency calls regarding unlawful activity, signal defects, etc.See the poster below for more information and contact numbers and email addresses.
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Warrensville & Weberville Truck-Fills Now Open!

The County of Northern Lights is excited to announce that the Warrensville and Weberville Truck-Fill Stations are now open! It is important to note that during the initial phase of operations truck-fill stations may go offline. Should one of the Truck-fill stations go offline, please refer to the County’s website and Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. If you observe any problems at the truck-fill stations, please contact the County office at 780-836-3348.
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Road Closures

There are currently no road closures.
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