In addition to online or telebanking, payment by cash or cheque, the County of Northern Lights continues to offer the pre-authorized monthly payment plan (Tax Auto Pay) as an option for payment of taxes.

Tax Auto Pay enables ratepayers to pay their property taxes monthly through automatic bank withdrawals. 

What are the benefits of Auto Pay?

  • Avoids having to come up with one lump sum payment by June 30th (tax due date)
  • Evens out property tax payments throughout the year
  • Helps those on fixed incomes/limited budgets
  • Avoid penalties for payments made from July through December

How does it work:

Interested ratepayers can sign up for Tax Auto Pay at any time by contacting Denilda Johnson at 780-836-3348.

 If you are already taking advantage of the Tax Auto Pay Plan, you do not have to sign up again.  

CLICK HERE for the Tax Auto Pay form.

Did You Know