Since winter has arrived with all her white fluffy beauty ... did you know that the County of Northern Lights offers plowing of your driveway up to 400 meters? The fee is $30 for residents and $10 for seniors residents. The flag will indicate that your driveway is to be plowed. There is a five flag maximum at purchase time.

Flags can be purchased at: UFA’s in Grimshaw & Peace River, Dixonville General Store, and at the County Office. 

The Snow Plow Flag Service is to provide access to the family home, not access to all facilities within the farm site.

Prior to any work taking place on private land residents MUST read, complete and sign the County snowplowing agreement. 

The fee for 400 meters or less of driveway does not mean the operator has to plow out a total of 400 meters, be it to the barn, woodpile, shop, etc. Likewise the additional fee for more than 400 meters of driveway does not mean a total of 800 meters will be plowed, these distances are merely a guideline from which to charge.

No driveways or private access roads in excess of 800 meters will be considered for work under this policy.

If the conditions are extreme and main roads have to be plowed out before individual driveways are done, then the operator just backs in and drives out of the driveway entrance. As per County policy, snowplowing priority is as follows:

  1. Occupied Residences and School Bus Routes.
  2. Flagged driveways.
  3. Field access roads as requested.

No driveway or private facility will be entered unless deemed to be safe. All parties have the right to refuse to work under conditions deemed to be unsafe for either the operator, land owner, occupant, or the County.

For more information call the County Office at 780.836.3348 or 1.888.525.3481.


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