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Level of Service Road Classification Project

The County of Northern Lights has engaged ISL Engineering for a Level of Service Road Classification Project for all roads within the County. The purpose of the project is to help guide long-term asset management and future growth and development in the County and will help determine an appropriate level of maintenance for the different road classifications. The project needs your input to make sure it is reflective of what the community wants and needs.
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2021 Property Tax and Assessment Notices

Please be advised that the combined property tax and assessment notices for 2021 will be mailed out in April. This is earlier than years prior to allow more time before the tax due date of June 30th. 
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County of Northern Lights Bursary

The County of Northern Lights, in partnership with the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC), offers two bursaries of $1500 each annually to students in the County.
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Commenced Equipment Registration

The County of Northern Lights invites all equipment owners and contractors, who are interested in providing equipment and/or trucks on an hourly basis for the construction and maintenance of public works infrastructure. Commencement contractors must provide proof of compliance (vehicle inspections and/or certifications) with the Highway Traffic Act, WCB coverage, applicable operator license (where required) insurance, and registration. Equipment will be hired based on the best economical alternative for the County. Decisions will be based upon the submitted equipment rate, past performance with the County, geographical location, or any other factors which may have an economic impact on the project. A copy of the Commenced Equipment Registration form can be found here.
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Carcajou CWS Down

The Carcajou Community Water Source (CWS) is down due to mechanical issues for the foreseeable future until repairs are complete. Once the repairs are complete, an update will be posted on the County website and Facebook page. Thank you for your patience.
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Planning and Development Office Dates

Anyone wishing to obtain a development permit, subdivide lands, or obtain general information on the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan, are asked to call Derek MacDonald at ISL Engineering and Land Services at 1-833-260-7201 or via email at isl@countyofnorthernlights.com Derek will be in the County office 4 days a month.
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Office Hours Change: Effective March 7th, 2021

 Over the past year, the County of Northern Lights administration office has seen a reduction in-office visits and telephone calls, due in part to COVID, but more likely due to the overall economic effects being felt throughout the province.  The Council has directed staff to find ways to become more efficient, and over the past several years we have reduced our budget wherever possible.
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STARS Releases 2020 Impact Report for the County

The County of Northern Lights has been a supporter of STARS since 2010.  The STARS 2020 Impact Report contains details related to missions that have occurred in the County between 2016 and 2020, plus a behind-the-scenes look at how STARS operates.
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Togetherall: Free Anonymous Support 24/7

In an effort to enhance mental health supports for Albertans, Togetherall has partnered with Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Government to offer an online anonymous network that offers, peer-to-peer mental health services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, Togetherall is FREE to ALL Albertans aged 16+! Register today using a valid Alberta postal code or learn more at ahs.ca/virtualmentalhealth
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