Road Closures and Road Bans

Current Road Closures 

Below are the current road closures in the County of Northern Lights: 

  • Township Road 940A, from Township Road 924, south to Highway 35 (Hawk Hills) 
  • Range Road 215, between Township Road 882 and 883
  • Range Road 245A, between Township Road 870 & Smith Mills Road  (washed out)
  • Range Road 245, between Sec. HWY 689 & Township 870
  • Township 871, between range road 245 & 250
  • Range Road 213, between Township 922 and 924 

Drive With Caution

  • Range Road 224 (Lambert's Coulee)
  • Starting tomorrow morning (September 30th) at 6:30 am, crews will be performing much-needed maintenance on Township Road 910 (Sunny Valley). Please drive with extreme caution as crews and equipment are in the area.


Please report any excessive flooding or washout of County roads by calling the County office at 780-836-3348.


Road Construction and Repairs Notification

Remember to obey all posted signage and drive with caution as crews and equipment are working. 

  • Carcajou: Installing approximately six (6) individual culverts at individual locations on the Homestead Road (AKA Range Road 203)  and Twp Road 992 and 1005 over the next couple weeks. Please be advised that a small detour is expected at Ten Mile corner (AKA Township Road 992) around a couple of individual worksites, one being the replacement of Bridge File (BF) 80921, and a second is the removal of twin 800mm Culverts and replaced with a 1200mm diameter culvert pipe. 

    Other sites on Rge road 203 will have 1200mm (4-foot) diameter pipes installed where a portion of the existing removed with continued access through the site while the replacement work continues.   

    Township Road 1005 will be closed completely whilst the culvert is removed to allow for the backed up water to be released, and then the following day the Culvert will be reinstalled with new Pipe. 

    Please obey all road signs, and watch for equipment and workers that may be present at these individual worksites.



Road Bans

Effective Monday, June 1st, 2020 at 10 am, the road ban on all local gravel roads within County of Northern Lights is no longer in effect.