Land Use Bylaws

Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

The purpose of the LUB is to control the use and development of land and buildings within the County on a site specific basis. The LUB divides the County into crown land, agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial land use districts, lists permitted and discretionary land uses, establishes site development provisions such as building height and yard setbacks, and provides a system to amend the bylaw and issue development approvals. The LUB implements the policies of the IDP, MDP, ASPs, ACPs and OPs.

The County's Land Use Bylaw has been consolidated as of May 2021. Any Land Use Amendments done after this date will be found below.

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Planning & Development Bylaws and Land Use Bylaw Amendments (LUBA) - (not consolidated)

21-61-456 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Amendment

21-61-460 Dixonville Area Structure Plan Bylaw Amendment

21-61-457 Land Use Bylaw Amendment

21-61-462 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Amendment

21-61-458 Land Use Bylaw Amendment

21-61-463 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Removal of Forms


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