Core Industry

The County of Northern Lights is located in the prosperous region of Alberta’s North Peace County and the County benefits from the economic impacts of bountiful agricultural production and profitable forestry and oil & gas industries.

The North Peace Country is home to ripening oil sands, currently supporting several multinational companies working to extract oil in innovative and efficient ways. The area is a significant contributor to Alberta’s oil and gas prosperity, generating over $27 billion annually, with 36% of Alberta’s natural gas and 50% of the province’s crude oil production.

Forestry is a strong industry sector within the region, which encompasses thousands of acres of timber, and has attracted investment from world-recognized operators, such as MercerManning Forest Products a Division of West Fraser and many others. Cooperation within the industry maintains its competitiveness in world markets while sustaining integrity.

These robust industry sectors have facilitated the development and sustainability of a skilled workforce and have produced entrepreneurial successes from knowledgeable and skilled individuals, who have refined the expertise achieved by working in these sectors, that are exportable worldwide.

With long summer days contributing to bountiful harvests and cold winters significantly reducing pest problems, Asian and European markets like the seed that comes from the North Peace Country. Additionally, the region is home to many cattle and bison farms, and community pastures lure southern Alberta cattle producers to bring stock north for summer grazing.

Northern Alberta plays host to more than 1.5 million visitors and the main catalysts that drive tourism, namely abundant lakes, forests, and wildlife abound in the County of Northern Lights. Summer and winter outdoor recreation activities are complemented by events that celebrate the County’s history and cultural diversity and keep tourists entertained.

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