County Business Registration

The County of Northern Lights has launched an online Business Registration form! Registration and licensing is completely free and voluntary. County businesses and residents can easily register their business by submitting a completed business registration form or via online!

If you haven’t registered your business with the County, you are encouraged to do so, as your registration helps the County of Northern Lights and the Economic Development department keep a two-way communication relationship with our business community.

If you have registered in the past, you can re-register or call us directly to update your business information! If you haven’t registered, you may have a few questions. Commonly asked questions can be found below.

Have more questions? Call the office at 780.836.3348


I am a County resident and I own a business, but it’s located in Grimshaw/Peace River/Manning, can I still register?

Yes! You can still register your business, even if it isn’t physically located in the County of Northern Lights.


My business is located out of my home, can I still register?

Yes! You can still register your business, even if you don’t have a separate office/building.


Will my taxes go up if I register my business with the County?

No, when you register your business, that information remains within the Economic Development department. It is not shared with any other staff members, departments or Council. Property taxes go up based on the following; property improvements, mill rates, provincial tax increases, etc.


What is the benefit(s) to me to register?

Businesses that register can now opt in to the new Economic Development email list to get updates related to events, training, programs, business news, Government programs, etc. You are also helping provide an overview of the current business environment in the County. Knowing what businesses are in the area will also help the County promote local businesses in future marketing campaigns, like Small Business Week and MoveUp Magazine recommendations. Proof of business licensing is often also required when applying for funding through financial institutions. 


What do you do with our information?

After you register your business, your information will then be entered into our business contact system. Through this system we can easily generate data related to businesses in the County; the number of industry types, the number of small, medium, and large-sized businesses, etc. Your individual responses and contact information is never released to anyone. There are times when an organization is conducting a survey/business assessment for the area (like the Retail Gap Analysis and Industry Review) and they request non-identifying information; like the number of industries, the average size of County businesses, etc. and the County will provide the information as best as they can, without giving away identifying information. 

Register your business online here, or fill out the form and email it to